Japanese Shrine | The Climb of a Kind


When we trek, climb, or go hiking and camping, we usually have the idea of mountains, trails, or peaks. Isn’t it cliche? This time, I’ll share my amazing and unusual in a good way experience trekking to the less known, unexploited historical Japanese Shrine of Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

11069934_430942270396600_3318184642229951493_n Japanese Shrine at early morning.

Japanese Shrine stands on a sacred ground where an encounter during the World War II actually took place.  It was built to remember the many lives taken by the vicious war. It was also to provide closure to a sad era and to mark the beginning of peace and friendship between the three countries. The commemorative shrine is actually a tall pillar with a solid concrete base. The pillar has three angles, making it appear 3 sided similar to a triangle. These three sides represent the three countries: Philippines, United States of America and Japan. In 1977…

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