Traversology | Traverse To Success

Traversology is a blog intended for the author’s adventure and traverse experiences. This one is a special publication dedicated to the author’s university graduation.

I am Michael John “Mike” Nicolas, a now graduate and a degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Geology. Traversology wouldn’t be possible if not for my love of geology. Because of geology, I travel a lot for my field studies, go hiking, river trekking, and camping.


I couldn’t forget my first day in the university. I have no friends, I didn’t know anyone, and I am living alone, away from home. In the love of geology, in deed! Days passed and finally, finally (!!!) I have a friend. I am comfortable with her, I don’t know why. Maybe because we’re from same province, I don’t know. It just happened. Her name is Jonah but I often call her June. Weeks and months and the, wow! My circle of friends just got bigger. We often watch movies together, eat out, play frisbee and party almost every night after every group study!

With Ultima Amourpha my Frisbee team.

But it isn’t always what it is. I mean, I have many friends when I’m happy, but I always have these three good friends with me when I’m sad. There’s always Jonah, Miray, and Yanna by my side. Funny isn’t it? We’ve got lots of friends when we laugh but we chose the few who has the best ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

But of course, after all the sleepless nights of studying (and partying), all the incomplete grades we’ve complied, all the late projects and assignments, all the exams we passed (and failed), and all the answers we’ve shared, I am so grateful to say “We did it! We finally made it!”

Of course, my love for geology isn’t enough for me to graduate if it’s not for my family. I owe this to you, mom. This piece of paper, my diploma, I offer you this as a sign of my never ending thanks and love for you. I couldn’t make it without you.

with my Mom

In fact, I couldn’t imagine life without my family supporting me. These words cannot express and explain what I truly feel.

Family bonding when I visit home once a month

Finally and more importantly, this day, the days passed and the days to come, I offer to the Almighty God. Thank you for watching over me, guiding my path and keeping me and my family safe always. To God be the glory forever!

Wackiest graduation picture. haha!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13


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