Osmena Peak: Cebu’s Highest Point

Ever heard of Cebu’s highest peak? Ever wonder how it feels like to be there on top? Well, you got to find it all out with yourself. All you need is determination and lots of memory space for your pictures!

17439472_1832778950308848_940998134_nOsmena Peak is 1013 masl, making it Cebu’s highest point. it is the boundary between Badian and Dalaguete. Part of it is situated in Barangay Mantalongo, municipality of Dalaguete and the other in Barangay Patong, municipality of Badian. You can choose whether where your starting point is — Dalaguete or Badian. I suggest Dalaguete would save you the cost and time. To get to Dalaguete from Cebu City, you take a bus ride from Cebu South Bus Terminal. Estimated fare from Cebu to Dalaguete is not more than Php 120 for air-conditioned bus and a travel time of about 2 hours in light traffic. Tell the bus conductor that you’re heading to Osmena Peak or to just drop you at the town center. Upon arrival, there are lined “habal-habal” that you can ride going to Mantalongon. Note that there are fixed fares posted on the “habal-habal” terminal outpost. Fixed fare of Php 150 back and forth going to and from Mantalongon.

After the “habal-habal” ride, you must log in or register your name in their office and pay Php 30 for the maintenance of the area. The staffs will let you choose whether you need a guide or not, but I suggest having no guide would you money and I assure you that you won’t be needing a guide. Trekking scale is 4 of 10, and time of trek is not more than 45 minutes from bottom up to the peak.

17440310_1832778730308870_1671399129_nOn the peak, you can enjoy the relaxing, picturesque scene from above. Feel the chill of crisp air, the songs of the birds, and if you’re lucky enough, the sight and feel of frog coming your way. Feast your eyes from the scene of the busy life of Dalaguete, the islands of Bohol, Siquijor, Badian, and Negros. Even the majestic volcano of Oriental Negros, Mt. Canlaon on clear sky.



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